Graziosi Gelati is a company with more than 27 years of experience that sells ingredients for completely natural ice creams; this is the brand that's revolutionizing the concept of ice cream, giving to it a connotation not only fun, but also healthy, thanks to the union of taste and well-being.
Luigi Graziosi, Head of Gelati Graziosi and ice cream leader, has been working in this field for more than twenty years, and is known for its unique product formulation, its profound knowledge of raw materials and sophisticated technologies.
He has been able to refine the art of ice cream over time, preserving historical recipes, innovating with unusual tastes and keeping an eye on the evolution of the industry, so that he is positioned privileged on the contemporary market.



In 1990 Luigi Graziosi started his activity as a ice cream leader, opening the "Ice King" in the French Riviera. Returning to Italy after an outstanding experience in Paris, with the Delice de Venice ice cream parlor, he was called by the most important semi-finished ice-cream industry worldwide, as a trainer technician. In 2006 he opened a freezing school in France. In 2010 he permanently returned to Italy to open the "Graziosi Gelati", by dedicating himself to the natural ice-cream, based on fruit and vegetables, following seasonality, as part of a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. (In 2015, together with the great expert Gualtiero Marchesi).



Graziosi Gelati aims not only at being a supplier of raw materials of natural origin and of the highest quality, but also at technical assistance and formulation, with creativity, competence and great attention to the evolutions of our world.
It researches, develops and produces high-quality natural neutral and complete bases for the industry, semi-finished in natural pasta for artisan and industrial ice cream. Our research is based on a natural philosophy, respecting the environment and human health.




Graceful Ice Creams emphasizes the relationship between food and emotions, and the need to find comfort in ice cream that can have a positive impact on mood.
There are foods that naturally favor the release of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, such as dark chocolate, and naturally contribute to reducing stress; and here's the "comfort food", which has the ability to affect mood thanks to the release of natural substances and adds emotional value to our ice cream.
The combination of psychological and physiological aspects, therefore, means that under the definition of "comfort food" there is a certain variety of foods, including our ice cream and that is why we chose our ingredients very carefully.



Our products are the result of long, innovative and avant-garde research, including a special vegetable protein that can slow down ice cream dissolution, acting by creating a kind of film that keeps the ingredients intact. In this way the ice cream melts however, but much slower than usual. The protein also prevents the formation of new ice crystals, so the consistency of the ice cream remains soft and creamy (not like that of traditional ice cream that freezes in ice and harden). The ice cream that contains our vegetable protein can also be made with a smaller amount of saturated fat and therefore less calories, so it will be less energy to produce it.



Luigi Graziosi, the ice cream master who has been teaching in every corner of the world for decades, has created, along with Ayurvedic Dr Anjana Moktan Khatri and the owner of Himalayan Ayurvedic Herbal and Juce Ice Cream, Kapil Khatri, the first ice cream considered by the Nepalese (and not only) "sacred" because the product-based recipe was created more than 3,500 years ago by the Rishi (saint) named Chayavan. The preparation itself takes its name.
The "Divine" ice cream that is derived is absolutely natural, among the ingredients the most important is Chayavan's pasta (a compound of 48 official Himalayan herbs) prepared with mountain milk, cane sugar, cream, fiber and vegetable protein. .

Quality, respect for the environment and sustainability for us of the Convenient Ice Creams are key themes on which we have always based our work! The result is a profound knowledge of the product we share with our customers.



Additives and stabilizing and emulsifying blends, ice cream, sorbet and icing ingredients for small and medium-sized ice cream industries, top quality ingredients.
In the food field, the GELATI GRAZIOSI staff constantly works side by side with their customers and supports their needs, developing new formulas, improving existing products and optimizing the production cycle. The aim is to give the finished product the best appearance, structure and stabilization. Thanks to the experience of our qualified technical team, La Graziosi is able to process and produce the best system for thickeners, stabilizers and gelling agents.
Each customer becomes "unique" and each "special" project: the proposed solutions are dedicated and know-how is shared in order to create an extremely original partnership.



In addition to a selection of products at favorable prices, we provide advice and assistance. Availability and professionalism are the constituent parts of our work
. A wide range of Food products for caterers, ranging from fresh to decorations and packaging, all carefully selected and of high quality.
Demonstration of new products and processing techniques, recipe creation / re-lookup, problem-solving support for table desserts, ice cream and flat ice cream.



The didactic path is structured in an initial theoretical part, necessary to understand the aspects of the specific work in ice cream and in general of the professional catering industry. Subsequently, you pass to the practical part where the learned theory is put to the test within a real business pleasure of the industry.

Students who pass the final exam are issued an update certificate that certifies what they learned during the training course.

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