Neutro fruit-cream .x s

A unique, 100% neutral ice cream base that allows you to make whatever you want


Neutrofruit-cream.xs is easily dispersible in the cold and can therefore also be used for ice creams and cold mousses, having the precaution of premixing with the other dry ingredients, to avoid the formation of lumps, before dispersion in water. and / or milk.

Mixture based on emulsifiers and stabilizers for ice cream
fruit and milk.

Exclusive product that can be used cold and hot 

A blend containing emulsifiers and stabilizers, specially designed and balanced for fruit and milk ice creams. Simple to use, specific for professional experts, a true reference in modern ice cream, highly customizable, with a neutral taste. Hot method gives the ice cream body by decreasing the sensation of "cold" on the palate.

Dosage of use

Ice creams can be effectively stabilized with Neutrofruitcream.xs at a dosage of 3.5-5 g. per liter of ready-to-freeze mixture: this dosage depends on the type of product, the fat and total solids content, overrun and pH. The optimal stabilization levels must in any case be evaluated through application tests in the real conditions of use.