Veggy 5 gelato vegano

The vegetarian base that allows you free choice on everything, even on the sugar to use, of high quality.

"Vis medicatrix naturae".

la forza curativa della natura.

Upright based on hydrolyzed pea proteins supported on acacia fiber with a prebiotic effect, high DE Maltodextrin, Xanthan gum and Tara gum.

The product is dispersible and cold soluble and is suitable for the preparation of sorbets, vegetable milk ice creams, desserts, mousses, etc.


Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic properties

Natural veggy 5 Ice cream can be included in the so-called "Nutraceutical" foods if it contains: phytochemicals, biologically active organic substances of vegetable origin that do not have a nutritional function. Nutraceutical foods are also commonly referred to as functional foods; "Prebiotics" - are non-digestible organic substances capable of selectively stimulating the growth and / or activity of one or a limited number of beneficial bacteria (bacterial flora) present in the colon. It is defined as prebiotic, not to be confused with the probiotic, any substance that, present in food, is not absorbed by the body, but is used by the intestinal flora.

Dietary fiber has now established itself as an important component of the diet, as it has the ability to influence multiple aspects of digestive physiology. Frequent consumption of dietary fiber, associated with a diet rich in vegetables, cereals and fruit, has been linked with the reduction of the risk of developing cancers of the digestive system, in particular colorectal cancer.xx dietary fiber intake in the Italian population is on average 21 g / day (of which about 1/3 soluble) with variations ranging from 18 g / day in the northern regions to 22 g / day in the central and southern regions. The ideal dietary fiber intake level has not been defined, but it is now commonly accepted that fiber must be part of a healthy and balanced diet.