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Together for total quality

Consultancy services for industry

In line with the founding characteristics of proximity, quality and perfection, we provide craftspeople with professional training. Training meetings, advice, new recipes and innovative solutions are planned with the same care with which we produce our products and are based on the same idea of quality: respect for the raw material, naturalness of the ingredients and processes.

We want to be close to all professionals to activate that exchange of mutual visions and skills that constitutes our human and professional heritage and that has sustained us since our origins. Only with excellence in all components of the supply chain can we think of pursuing total quality.

  1. Development, Research, Updating and Professional Training, Recipe development with high quality natural neutrals
  2. We are happy to create customised recipe books together with you, for craftsmen and small industries at competitive prices.
  3. We can come into your world, study it, understand it and improve its quality with unique recipes, nutritional data and technical specifications.
  4. Do you want to open an ice cream parlour? We are here for you and will accompany you through the whole process of opening your own ice cream parlour.


Do you want to open an ice cream parlour?

Opening an ice-cream parlour is an important decision that involves thinking about various aspects: training, the initial investment, having the necessary collaborators and employees, the area of the city in which to open the shop, possibly with a large passage, the choice of suppliers, etc. The competition is great, and in order to stand out it is not enough to produce good ice-cream. There is a lot of competition, and making good ice cream is not enough to stand out. 

Once you are certain that you have acquired a solid body of knowledge and skills, it is advisable to prepare a business plan: a document in which you plan the steps to be taken towards opening the shop. You will need to include the costs of renting or purchasing the shop walls and machinery, the shop windows, ingredients and equipment in general, the cost of labour and processing carried out by third parties and industrial costs, for example water and electricity. Drawing up a business plan that includes the main items of expenditure is also a help - that is what we are here for.