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Emulsifiers & Stabilisers

for artisan ice cream professionals 


The GELATI GRAZIOSI brand bases, among the products that best represent the company's history, are the result of a combination of tradition and constant innovation.

Obtained from neutrals and structured cores, these blends have many special characteristics of low dosage bases,
high-performance solutions to obtain a product that can also be served on plates as well as a delicious dessert.
It is the most innovative product on the market today in the field of neutrals for totally natural ice creams


"Neutro Cream X"

Basic mix of emulsifiers & stabilisers for milk ice cream:

"Neutro fruitCream XS"

Basic mix of emulsifiers & stabilisers for fruit ice cream:


is a mix containing emulsifiers and stabilisers, specially designed and balanced for milk and fruit ice-creams, easy to use, specific for professional experts, a real reference in modern ice-creams, highly customisable.

The stabilising part of "NEUTROCREAM. X" is easily dispersed when cold, but the presence of mono- and diglycerides makes it necessary to insert the product when hot, during pasteurisation, when the temperature is around 70°C. 

Ice creams can be effectively stabilised with "NEUTROCREAM. X" at a dosage of 3.5-5 g. per litre of ready-to-freeze mixture: this dosage depends on the type of product, the content of fats and total solids, overrum and pH. Optimum stabilisation levels must however be assessed through application tests under actual conditions of 

  • complete release of flavour
  • consistent body, creamy structure
  • excellent stability in neutral or acidic products
  • ease of aeration
  • good viscosity control
  • excellent protection against thermal shock

Products with guaranteed quality raw materials customised recipes 

Exellent protein vit - Neutral fruit 

Balanced mixtures of stabilisers and emulsifiers

Exellent protein vit

Whipping Creams Pastry Creams

The vegetable protein that does not melt ice cream "Excellent protein vit" is a whipping cream based on pea protein supported on acacia bra with a prebiotic effect and high DE maltodextrin. Suitable for the preparation of sorbets, milk ice cream, desserts, mousses etc..

Improvement of texture and body Control of overrun Control of extrusion Protein stabilisation

neutri frutta  


Fruit ice creams


Specially designed for application in ice desserts, milkshakes, high quality sherbets.

No sugar -easy ice 

Balanced mixtures of stabilisers without sugar or fat

Applications :

Sugar-free ice creams

Sugar-free sorbets

Stabildessetrt -  Stabildrink

Balanced mixtures of stabilisers for drinks and desserts

S t a b i l d e s s e r t 

Spoon desserts Custard creams

S t a b i l d r i n k 

Fruit juices

Fruit nectars

Fruit drinks

Carregenins - Starches

for professionals


Kappa, Jota, Lambda. Kappa and Jota are soluble at 70-80 °C, Lambda is cold soluble. Applications: ice cream, desserts, milk and cocoa, cheese, etc. E 407 CEAMGEL (water base) Carrageenins for applications in aqueous medium: jelly coatings, fruit desserts, cooked hams, etc. 


Modified grade also available on request