Exellent protein -vit "the real softener of ice cream"

special artisan ice cream professionals

The "Excellent protein vit" is a vegetable protein capable of slowing down the melting of ice cream and a riser based on vegetable hydrolyzed proteins, supported by fibers with a prebiotic effect and high DE malt dextrin. exclusive product of exceptional yield.

«To have ice cream you need these three things: a mixture of oil and water (or sweet syrup) with the addition of air bubbles and ice crystals, the solid part. The vegetable protein, if we add it, envelops everything and keeps the mixture stable "

In this way the ice cream melts anyway, but more slowly than usual.The protein also prevents the formation of new ice crystals: in this way the consistency of the ice cream remains soft and creamy, not like that of traditional ice cream that freezes in the freezer. Ice cream that contains our vegetable protein can also be made with a lower amount of saturated fat and calories.

1) pack of 1 kg test euro 24.80 per kg

24.80 € 38.00 €